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  1. I see you’re following through with the deleting. It’s too late. You already made a fool of yourself. Sorry if I hurt your feelings by the way. Just saying what no one else will.


  2. She has made a fool of herself to who? So long as the new individuals she meets cannot google her name and find what is undesirable to be found, she is no different than any other stranger one might meet. I have many things to say to this girl, normally I would pay no mind to someone such as herself, but I am biased as she majored in philosophy. Something the world is short of i.m.o. Any thoughts I would share would theoretically be open to critical inquiry, which has never caused anyone any real harm. Though, I think her lack of follow through regarding her critical inquiry into ethics and philosophy has done her harm in the long run. Once one realizes how wrong we can be, living in the wrong can feel like a subhuman existence. Never can the “seen” be unseen. She must be scared to talk to me. I can not say with absolute certainty.


  3. Lol, I’d like to see how many of you would be Brave enough to bare your souls like she does!

    Don’t critise till you’ve walked in her shoes! And no I’m not holier than thou, I just believe being negative & ugly towards others causes more harm than you will ever know. How did you feel when someone said something ugly about you?


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